How to Buy a Good Spin Bike

Exercise bikes are not created equal. Some of them offer features that you don’t need while others lack the functionalities that you require to meet your fitness goals. When choosing for a good spinning bike, you should consider mobility and storage.


One of the many things to look into when purchasing an indoor spin bike is its durability. Make sure that it can hold up your body weight. Look into the unit’s maximum weight capacity. It must be above your weight to make sure that it can handle your heaviness or lightness.
Then, ensure that it can handle the intensity of your workout. Don’t go with cheaper models, especially if you intend to use this bike almost every day. Cheaper units tend to get clunky when you use it frequently. They also wear out quickly. If you are looking for alternative to spin bikes, you can consider buying rowing machines. You can read out rowing machine reviews for 2017 – best rowers comparedarticle by

Smooth Motion

You wouldn’t like pedaling and hearing the bikes squeaking sound. It would surely disrupt your motivation to move on with your goal. Thus, go for a model that offers a smooth, quiet ride. Look for units with V-belt dual drive system.

Importance of Flywheel

Having a heavy flywheel lets you produce not just smooth, spinning action but it will pump up your exercise. With its heavy-duty built, you can be sure that it’ll last for years or decades.
Depending on the model you’re planning to buy, make sure the unit is well-built with durable flywheel allowing you to feel like you’re riding outdoor.

The Extras

Not all extra features of an indoor cycling bike are good. Some of them are not necessary that they only add up to the overall cost of the machine. Then again, there are extras that can surely boost your fitness ability.
Opt for a unit with LCD console that shows the calories burned, distance, speed, as well as time and RPM. If you want, you can choose a unit with chest strap. It’ll let you monitor your heart and pulse rates.

Easy to Assemble

You don’t want to have a spinning bike that will cause you to spend a few hours just to figure out how to assemble its parts. Thus, make sure that you choose a bike that can be easily assembled within 30 minutes (maximum 1 hour) from unboxing it. The parts must be clearly marked and it must have clear instructions.


The best spin bike on the market offers the great features that can surely help with your fitness goals. It comes with all the functionalities that you need to pedal easily and exercise safely. The brands that we’ve discussed above can be a great start for you to choose which bike to choose when it’s finally time for you to buy a new set of indoor cycling bike.

To motivate you more while exercising, you should consider finding bike workouts that you could follow. There are a lot of them on YouTube. Or you could also purchase specialized DVDs. Some exercise bikes do provide indoor bike workouts in the package. Although they aren’t necessary, they can definitely help you achieve more while working out as you can watch them right at the comfort of your own home. Or if you wish, you could just play a movie or watch a TV show while pedaling.

Whatever your choice is, you’ll obtain an excellent result with the best spin bike at home. As long as you’ve chosen a comfortable unit with adjustable parts, you’ll surely enjoy biking indoor.

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